I Live Inside A Burning House

by Body Void

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released May 11, 2018

Recorded and mixed by Greg Wilkinson, April-October 2017 at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR
Artwork by Muhamad Ikabal Arifin Suradi

Will Ryan: Guitar/Vocals/Keys
Parker Ryan: Bass
Edward Holgerson: Drums

Thanks to Greg Wilkinson, Ibay Arifin Suradi, Garth McKee, Andy Bankes, James Rauh, Thomas Haywood

Vinyl and cassette release by Dry Cough Records (UK) and Crown and Throne Ltd (US). Purchase links in bio.

CD release by Seeing Red Records. Order here:


all rights reserved



Body Void

Formed as Devoid in 2014, Body Void is a New England via Bay Area sludge / doom / crust trio

Email: devoiddoom@gmail.com

Booking: ethan@heavytalent.com


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Track Name: Haunted
Wake the dead
Painful memories
Keep me up at night

In my dreams
With ancient memories

They haunt me
They follow me
They haunt me

Falls on me
A different dimension

The pain is a sign
Of the world inside

Dissolve space and time
This world is all
Dissolve space and time
This world is all

We fail
As we’re designed
This brain
Deserves another

We fail
As we’re designed
I take
blame for this hell

We are
Born to hurt and suffer
We are
Laid to rest at birth

And rattled

It won’t stop
Take hold
Of the past
Take the pain
Look in its face

Breath achingly
Hold it tight
Internal prison
Holds me tight

Raised infestation
Born to feed
The worms in my mind
I need
Poisoned soil
For killed and deceased
To consume, to consume

Walk uninvited
Into scars
traced on my brain
I see
Oiled soul
Dripping from teeth
My role is defeat

Psychic damage
Imagination is a hell I cannot describe
Trapped inside this mental detention
Of lies, lies, lies

Works every time
I need
A thousand suns
Hotter than God
To rise, rise, rise

Without eyes
Watch it
Crumble down

Watch it die

Reach out behind
Clutching the past

Take it with me
Latent desires
Fake prophets
They teach me
to live

Face them
We fall
As we’re designed
Born just to suffer
We fall

Braced for deception
Don’t want to see
Braced for destruction
Don’t want to be

Last chance
To See

You raised it, call it off
Now it’s here
You raised it, call it off
The dark is here

They’re reaching for you
Falling down
blackest hole
Trapped in time, time

Fingers pull
My bloody hair
They pull me down

Ghostly forms
Of figures past
Hold me down, down
They hold me
Track Name: Phantom Limb
Rotting tissue
Organs bled
Not a saint
Not a cent

Falling for forever
bottomless pit
Dashed by figments
Who you thought I was

Discarded skin
Collect in pieces
Around your feet

Falling for forever
To the endless dirt
Restrained by light

Uplift me
scars and all
Into the night

Extinguish the dark
Rid of me
Leave me behind
See me as whole or be gone

My voice will follow you
My voice will haunt you
My voice will follow you
My voice will bury you
Track Name: Given
Rip open my chest
Rip open my ribs
Rip open my lungs
Rip open my heart
Pull me out

Push your fingers into my mouth
Push your skin to mine
Push your hands inside
Push your face to mine
Flay me alive

Take my mask away
Take the curtain down
Take this lie
Pull me out

Trans, resented
Cast out the chosen one
Cis, accepted
The artifice is swallowed
Death, abuse
Bargained for truth

Fake gender
Carry my weight
You’ve built your walls
Knock them down
You’ve trapped your soul
Now let it out

All my blood
Replace it
With the void

With the past
Will the quiet
Ever come

Tear open
My old wounds
Leave me stranded
Without you

Pull me out
Flay me alive
Take this lie
Never enough

Reach through my mouth
Vomit my insides
Expel this monster
Sweat from my pours

Lies like smoke
Pour from my skull
Given, given

Reach through my mouth
Pull out my teeth
Take it from me
Given, Given

Chase the sun
Run with me
It’s setting soon

Chase the sun
Its golden rays
Peel my skin
Washed away

Taken captive
By systems old
Always servants

All my blood
With the void

Withered soul
Taken for
Vulnerable heart

Tear the pieces
Of mortal flesh
Tear the pieces
Of bent lashes

What’s left
Thrown out
What’s left

Less control
For me
External ties
No time
What’s left

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